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Why do trucks need truck refrigeration units to transport food?


From farm to supermarket, from supermarket to table. People’s living standards have been improving with the development of the country, so the issue of food safety is being discussed in a big way around the world. So our topic today is why do we need truck refrigeration units for transport food?

Truck Refrigeration Units&Food Safety:

Food tastes very different when it is served at different temperatures. Each food has a relatively safe “body temperature” at which the best nutrients are preserved and you get the best taste experience at the moment of consumption. When food is stored and preserved, it has a temperature that it is most comfortable with. At this temperature, the food has a long shelf life while retaining the best nutrition and taste.

Frozen food is more stable between -25℃ and -18℃, and if it is higher than this temperature, the shelf life will be shortened accordingly and the taste will change. If the home refrigerator can not reach -18 ℃, frozen food opened, it is best to eat as soon as possible, otherwise easy to spoil.

Fresh fish The best freezer temperature for fresh fish is -3 ℃, at this temperature fish is not easy to deteriorate, can ensure its fresh taste, but to eat as soon as possible. It should be reminded that the fish in the refrigerator can not be stored for too long, the refrigeration temperature of the household refrigerator is generally -15 ℃, the best can only reach -20 ℃. And aquatic products, especially fish, in storage temperature reaches -30 ℃ below, the fish tissue will be dehydrated or other changes, such as crucian carp, a long time refrigeration, it is easy to appear fish sour, meat quality changes, inedible.

Meat, such as pork and beef, should be kept at -18℃, so that the integrity of the cell wall can be better maintained, which is good for moisture retention. If refrigerated at -2℃~5℃, meat can be kept for up to one week.

Green vegetables should be preserved in a low temperature (not less than 0 ℃) environment, if the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the chlorophyll enzyme it contains will separate chlorophyll and protein and dissipate, if the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, chlorophyll and will be destroyed by freezing. Cabbage, celery, onions, carrots and other suitable storage temperature of about 0 ℃; storage of potatoes is the best temperature is 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, the temperature is too high potatoes will sprout, thus affecting the consumption; cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes and other suitable storage temperature of 7.2 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, if the temperature is too low will lose fresh taste, serious will rot; pumpkin suitable for storage at 10 ℃ or more; storage of groundnuts ( The best temperature for storing groundnuts (sweet potatoes) is above 15℃, and if the temperature is low, they will be stiff-hearted and inedible.

Fruits The temperature of bananas during the harvest season is about 30℃, and it needs to be lowered to about 13℃ when preserved; the preservation temperature of oranges is 4℃~5℃; the storage temperature of apples is -1℃~4℃; the storage temperature of mangoes is 10℃~13℃; papaya is 7℃; lychee is 7℃~10℃. All fruits need a state of freshness.

Ice cream -13℃~-15℃ ice cream is the most painful to eat. In this temperature, the ice cream into the mouth, will feel the ice cream is very soft, delicate texture, rich and fragrant flavor, and will not strongly stimulate the stomach.

Truck refrigeration units‘s as a special transport tool, rather than the equivalent of mobile cold storage, due to mobile and loading and unloading, etc., the refrigerated truck’s compartment door is to often open, causing the temperature to rise, all in setting the temperature of the refrigeration unit, to slightly lower a few degrees, so more insurance.
TKT was founded in 1998 and designed and manufactured the first transport truck refrigeration unit. So the refrigeration unit as part of our life, let us develop the technology over time, has grown to understand more and more what the market really needs. We know transport, food, refrigeration units, and we want to know you. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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