T&U Type body

Custom Refrigerated Truck Body

External Skin 0.8mm Pre-painted Galvanised lron Sheet/1.5-2.0mm Fiberglass Skin
Internal Skin 0.8mm Pre-painted Galvanised lron Sheet/1.5-2.1mm Fiberglass Skin
Thermal Insulation 80mm 100mm 120mm PUF/XPS
Door Hinges Stainless Steel
Lockset Stainless Steel
Floor Finish U-Type/T-Type
Refrigeration Units TKT(One-Stop Service)
  • TKT Refrigerated Body Development:

    With a passion for refrigeration, TKT has created high-value truck refrigerated body. For many challenges, TKT has a high quest for transporting and protecting vegetables, fruits, ice cream, milk, meat, produce and other types of goods. In addition, TKT also offers refrigeration units, providing you with a one-stop shop. We know more about refrigeration than refrigeration.

  • TKT Refrigerated body Construction:

    TKT's truck refrigerated bodies are made of bonded sandwich construction, with high-strength fiberglass panels inside and out. The middle is polyurethane foam board or high density extruded plastic board.
    For areas with bad road conditions, we use Russian dehydrated pine wood as support. Reefer body is glued with galvanized screws plus polyurethane special compartment adhesive. Such refrigerated body has the characteristics of light weight, good heat preservation performance, strong and durable, corrosion resistance, etc.
    Ventilation slots can be used U-shaped and T-shaped ventilation slots, the front and rear ends are fully closed, both strong and easy to clean the garbage and easy to ventilate the cold.

  • TKT Refrigerated body Advantage:

    The back door and side door are equipped with yellow heat insulation bridge to enhance the heat preservation performance.
    The door frame and door locking parts are all made of 304 stainless steel, beautiful and durable.
    The back door frame is pre-built with reinforced corners, which not only enhances the strength of the door frame but also is beautiful and elegant.
    The side door opening is pre-buried to strengthen the big corner (in the glass steel plate) to strengthen the side door frame and prevent the deformation of the cargo support.
    The secondary beam is made of welded high strength steel containing manganese. High strength, toughness and light weight.
    The top and side panels of the compartment are additionally installed with stainless steel reinforced large corners to further enhance the compartment sturdiness.
    The extruded aluminum box is fully welded to the cargo floor to ensure no liquid leakage and has strategically placed drainage ports to keep the cargo dry.

  • Why choose TKT?

    The common box is made of sandwich panel riveted process with a square tube skeleton and foam board filling in the middle sandwich layer. The inner and outer layers of skin can be made of color coated board, aluminum board, galvanized board, stainless steel board, corrugated aluminum board, etc. depending on the material. The edges and corners are made of aluminum profiles or stainless steel.
    TKT's reefer body forms a protective cage around the cargo, using a combination of design and material strategies to not only reduce weight, but also increase payload capacity and extend service life. Save fuel and build greater productivity. On the outside, the side panel options and rear frame are designed to maintain an attractive protective appearance while resisting corrosion, rust and the need for maintenance. Inside, strong, easy-to-clean liners work in concert with superior structural design and components to protect cargo during loading, transport and unloading.

  • One-Stop Service:

    TKT products already cover the entire range of transport refrigeration units, TKT offers a full range of truck refrigeration unit solutions for your refrigerated trucks, cold chain transport, insulated bodies, etc. 
    Considering the different demands of customers for Truck refrigeration systems, Truck refrigeration units generally include two types, one for transporting fresh cargo and the other (freezer unit) for transporting frozen cargo on the road, as for truck freezer unit, is mainly divided into small truck refrigeration unit, mid truck refrigeration unit and large truck refrigeration unit. Depending on refrigeration system driven type, it can be classified as: Vehicle Engine Direct Driven Units, Engine Direct Driven unit with AC220V/380V Electric standby unit and Diesel engine driven units respectively.
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  • Installation Case:

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