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What is the most top-quality refrigerated body?


As the world progresses and epidemics spread, the demand for cold chain transportation has become more robust, especially for refrigerated transportation of drugs and food, so more newcomers are coming into contact with the industry. In the process of buying refrigerated body, do not know which configuration to choose to meet their transport needs? The next step is to be introduced to you by our TKT, together with the best top-of-the-line refrigerated body. We recommend that you configure as needed and not buy blindly.

TKT refrigerated body ventilation slot :

1.Enhance the cold circulation inside the box, when there is a ventilation slot, the cold air will pass through the top, tail and bottom of the box, so that the whole box is in a cold circulation state, which is conducive to saving fuel consumption or electricity cost.
2.It can avoid the decay of goods at the bottom. When there is water in the goods, if there is no ventilation slot, it will easily lead to the accumulation of water that cannot be discharged.
TKT has advanced technology, ventilation chutes are available in T type and U type, each type has its own characteristics, please consult our professional sales for details.

TKT refrigerated body side door :

A small door can be added on the side, which is faster and more convenient for unloading small items and can effectively reduce the discharge of cold air.

TKT refrigerated body meat hook rail :

General slaughterhouses, meat distribution vehicles, etc. will be equipped with this configuration as an option, which is conducive to the freshness and loading of pork or beef and mutton, and the top of the box should be pre-buried with thickened and encrypted steel grooves, and the side panels should be pre-buried with reinforcing bars.

TKT refrigerated body cargo buckle :

Mainly used to fix the goods when the goods are not full, so as not to let the goods shake from side to side, to prevent the collision of the box and the goods fall down.

TKT Refrigerated body Insulation panels :

In the case that the box cannot be fully utilized, the use of the insulation panel can save space and effectively reduce the consumption of cold air, thus saving fuel or electricity.


TKT refrigerated body temperature and humidity recorder :

Cold chain items in the storage and delivery process, always be in a controlled constant temperature state, transportation of drugs and vaccines and other goods on the temperature and humidity requirements are relatively high, is a must to install additional equipment. More advanced and networked version of the temperature and humidity recorder, at any time to be able to understand the internal temperature and humidity of the box.


TKT refrigerated body hydraulic tailboard :

Convenient to get on and off the goods in the tailboard, more conducive to loading and unloading large goods, forklift can directly enter and exit the cargo box, reducing labor costs and accident potential problems.

TKT Factory :

We have our own factory, and our products are sold directly to reduce the intermediate links. We have better control for quality and price. With years of experience in production and design, we have many international certifications.
Welcome to leave your information and let our professional sales serve you.

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    How Can We Help You Today? If you have a product inquiry or technical question, please feel free to contact us.

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