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TKT Refrigeration Units for Transport Vans


TKT full range of transport refrigeration units:

Our Design Advantages:

1- Patented coil construction design, which will save more fuel and reduce costs.

2- Rapid temperature reduction performance will save more working time and increase efficiency.

3- 55°C high temperature resistance, which is also proven in the Middle East high temperature region, trusted by the Fortune 500.

4- No fear of extreme road conditions, which is proven in the Indian region, extending the life of the unit.

5- International branded components, high quality key components and the best raw materials.The key components used in TKT refrigeration systems are high quality products imported from the world’s top brands, such as Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, etc.

6- Environmentally friendly refrigerant, green and environment friendly. Use ozone-friendly refrigerants R134A, R404A. make a contribution to the green world.

7- Copper tubes and aluminum plates: TKT refrigeration systems use condensers and evaporators made of the best materials (copper tubes and aluminum fins) to give you superb cooling and maximum air flow capacity, with reliable performance to withstand hot and dusty climatic conditions.

8- Our units feature controllers with microprocessor control systems and temperature control panels in the cab for better driver control of the truck container temperature.

9- Condenser and evaporator coils, TKT all use copper tubes and aluminum fins, corrosion resistant, service life of up to 10 years or more, to improve the service life of the product.

10- Fashionable and intimate design, easy to install. The condenser is streamlined for compatibility with any model of truck and the evaporator is slim for maximum cargo space.

11- For standby units, the ability to pre-cool containers in advance. In addition, the proper operation of the refrigeration unit is ensured even when the truck is shut down.

12- Passed various certifications of high standards in the USA and Europe.CE, RHS etc.

The above is the manifestation of our dedication to brand and quality. hope you can see what we say and feel what we do. tkt may not be to everyone’s liking, but we will try to make every customer who sees tkt satisfy.

Please feel free to contact us for any technical needs or sales needs.

TKT Transport refrigeration units Introduction:

TKT has covered the entire range of transport refrigeration units. TKT offers a full range of truck refrigeration unit solutions for your refrigerated trucks, cold chain transport, insulated bodies and more. Before you look for the right refrigeration unit, I need to help you determine these. 

(1) Carriage volume
The size of the refrigerated carriage body is different, suitable for the configuration of the refrigeration unit is also different. You can also choose flexibly according to the requirements of different goods and the actual situation. We will give you a professional recommendation.

(2)Temperature requirements
Different goods for the temperature requirements are different, the power requirements of the matching chiller is also different. You must communicate clearly with us, what goods are transported by your vehicle? So that our technical staff to recommend a more suitable refrigeration unit for you.

(3) Transportation mileage
In urban short-distance transport, the use of less than 6 meters carriage is more, so urban short-distance transport is suitable for non-independent refrigeration units; long-distance transport is more suitable for the use of independent refrigeration units.

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How Can We Help You Today? If you have a product inquiry or technical question, please feel free to contact us.

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    How Can We Help You Today? If you have a product inquiry or technical question, please feel free to contact us.

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