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2022 TKT Launch Its All-electric transport refrigeration unit – TE series


TKT TE series All-electric transport refrigeration unit, for pure electric refrigerated/refrigerated transport vehicles. Adopt high quality and high reliability design. Compact structure, saving storage space in the vehicle. Unique inverter technology, high efficiency and energy saving. Fast temperature reduction and lower operating cost.

Our Advantages and Values:

High efficiency and energy saving
Pure DC inverter compressor, high efficiency two-in-one inverter, low power consumption and high energy efficiency.
PID dual mode control, fast cooling mode/energy saving mode, optimizing energy consumption.
based on calculations and laboratory tests to optimize the refrigeration system, the size of the two devices better, more reasonable system matching, with the compressor operating in economic conditions.
CFD optimization of air field, external machine flow line design, evaporative air field optimization design.
FEA analysis to ensure structural strength under the premise of lighter structure.

Safety and reliability
Up to IP67 protection grade of core components.
through the harsh insulation pressure, vibration, rain and other type of test, the harsh working conditions can still be stable operation
multiple protection and alarm, making the system more stable and reliable.
the compressor adopts soft start, low starting current, to avoid damage to the vehicle battery by inrush current.

Widely application
For urban cold chain distribution, the condenser adopts ultra-thin design and strong passability.
Wide product coverage, can be adapted to compartment volume 4~70m³.
A variety of installation methods such as top-mounted, front-mounted and bottom-mounted, applicable to different vehicles.

Intelligent control
Multi-functional alarm output, convenient and quick human-machine interface, making the control and maintenance more simple;
unique algorithm, control logic, fuzzy control, to avoid frequent start and stop of the compressor.
Panel integrated CAN communication function, strong expandability, can be adapted to the vehicle central control screen, remote fault diagnosis and processing.

Provide GPS & Beidou positioning, cell phone / PC real-time monitoring and control, and provide electronic report download.
“The TE series represents the new all-electric refrigeration unit technology from TKT. It offers our customers a refrigeration unit that goes beyond conventional refrigeration units and helps them to achieve their sustainability goals.”  


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    How Can We Help You Today? If you have a product inquiry or technical question, please feel free to contact us.

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